Online Customer Portal

A central location for builders and customers to connect and communicate.


  • A fully interactive personal online customer portal with a reference library that includes builder and manufacturer maintenance, warranty, cleaning instruction, replacement parts and operational information

  • Custom communication technology with text messaging and fully automated emailed notifications

  • Conveniently store and reference all important home, community and product documents

  • Streamlined communication with your customers and community website

  • Keep customers up-to-date on all periodic maintenance and building-process updates


  • Designed as a dashboard with simplified controls, you can access home and community information directly on the homepage

  • Interactive maintenance manual with monthly auto maintenance reminders keeps customers informed for 10 years

  • Detailed information about manufacturer products is always just a few clicks away

  • A sales guide that keeps your buyer informed, engaged and educated through the entire buying experience

  • Seasonal and timed notification can be easily set up via email to reach your customers at the right time

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